“I was fortunate to have practiced against Judge Cruz when he was a defense attorney and then in front of him in family and criminal court when he was appointed to the bench.  I found that, in both roles, Judge Cruz was fair, reasonable and always professional.  He does not pre-judge a case or a person.  Instead, he carefully listens to the facts and applies the law in a just way.  I am confident that Judge Cruz is qualified to be our next Illinois Supreme Court justice because he has proven throughout his legal career to be fair and dedicated to the pursuit of justice.  I am proud to endorse Judge Rene Cruz as the next Illinois Supreme Court Justice!”

Jaime Mosser, Kane County State’s Attorney

 “Judge Rene Cruz has been a constant supporter and co-champion for an equal justice system in Kane County. I am proud to know him as a colleague and friend, and it is my Honor to endorse him for Illinois Supreme Court Justice.”

Ron Hain, Kane County Sheriff

“I had the pleasure of practicing before Judge Cruz weekly for five years. I was always impressed by his dignity, and the respect  he showed to everyone, whether a lawyer, party, or witness. On multiple occasions, I watched Judge Cruz set aside time in his schedule to prepare judgments and orders for self-represented litigants, in order to give them the expedited closure they so badly desired. He is always prepared, fair, and extremely knowledgeable. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, our world shut down. Judge Cruz, as the presiding Judge in the family court division, stepped up and implemented processes to keep our courtrooms moving swiftly. Kane County family court, led by Judge Cruz, was leaps and bounds ahead of other counties where I practice in both efficiency and access. As the chair of our local bar association family law committee, I heard repeatedly how Judge Cruz’s modified procedures were more effective than other counties. In the wake of disaster, Judge Cruz found ways to keep us all safe, while still giving us access to the Judiciary. Judge Cruz is a model of access, justice, and kindness, and we would be lucky to have him as our next Illinois Supreme Court Justice.”

Mollie Peskind, Esq., Co-Chair of KCBA Family Law Committee

“I wanted to thank you for all that you have done for all of us in the family division. I said it early on and I will say it again: from the point of the shutdown forward you demonstrated the required leadership to ensure that we all stayed in business. At first, I wondered how we were ever going to make it work. Now it appears to be working just fine…you were always fair and sharp on the law…I suspect someday we will be reading appellate decisions that you have authored.”

Attorney John Chapski, Robert A. Chapski, Ltd.

“Having known Judge Cruz as a practicing attorney for several years prior to his elevation to the bench, I knew that as the presiding judge, he would be able to navigate the difficulties of remote court and COVID-19 issues that arose.  Judge Cruz has always been pragmatic and thoughtful in his approach, whether as an attorney or a judge.  He quickly recognized the need to keep the courts functioning, both for litigants and attorneys, keeping in mind that cases needed to move through the system regardless of the challenges created by a global pandemic.  He regularly conducted town hall meetings with the family law bar, seeking input from attorneys on how best to serve their clients and maintain the safety of courthouse staff, lawyers, their employees, and litigants. We were fortunate to have a forward-thinking judge presiding over the family law division at a very difficult time.  He can bring new ideas and fresh perspective to any assignment, including the Supreme Court.”   

Tricia D. Goostree, Goostree Law Group, P.C.

“Judge Cruz served in the family division honorably. One of the most complex and challenging divisions in our court system. You developed a reputation for problem solving, for fairly and faithfully adjudicating your assigned cases, you treated litigants and attorneys with respect and volunteered to help your fellow judges as you finished your own court call assisting others where help was needed…The same diversity that you brought to the bench when you were appointed in 2012 along with your unique personality and your individual achievements have made you a role model for youth throughout this community…making countless appearances at schools talking to students and families delivering messages on sobriety and education and their own personal advancement. Your fairness, your work ethic, your professionalism and your volunteerism are why you were appointed as a judge initially and why you were appointed by the Supreme Court as a Circuit Judge.”

Chief Judge Judith Brawka (Retired) at Judge Cruz’s Swearing in as a Circuit Court Judge (2016)

“Judge Cruz has established himself in the legal community as a fair, thoughtful, smart, and innovative judge. His ideas for Zoom court, streamlining his court call, and increasing efficiency  have been successfully utilized in other Kane County courtrooms, as well. I have no doubt Judge Cruz will bring that intelligent and forward-thinking legal talent to the Illinois Supreme Court. “

Gary V. Johnson, Esq.

“Judge Cruz exhibits a strong knowledge of the law, its application under any circumstance, and does not hesitate to make the tough calls when necessary.  He has kept the courtroom moving forward through the unprecedented difficulty of the pandemic by utilizing the necessary technology, structuring the court calls better, and maintaining focus on innovating and improving the system.  Most impressively, he has done this while still ensuring that the process remains fair and balanced. ”   

J. Brick Van Der Snick and Adam M. Miller, Esq.

“As a practicing criminal defense attorney for many years in Kane County, I have known Judge Cruz both before and after he took the bench.   As a Judge presiding in the DUI courtroom he has continued to show knowledge, integrity, and calm demeanor that he has possessed throughout his career.   He has handled his courtroom with professionalism and expediency during this current Covid crisis.”  

Glenn M. Sowa, Esq.

“I highly recommend Judge Cruz in his candidacy for the Illinois Supreme Court. My endorsement is not only because he is an outstanding and fair jurist, but he has consistently adopted procedures and practices to make the courts more friendly to working individuals and families. Judge Cruz was the first to allow private citizens to avoid appearing in court if they were represented, and he was one of the first to adopt remote appearances and accept remote electronic dispositional orders. Judge Cruz will be a justice for all people, beholding to no person, dedicated to the service of justice.”

David Camic, Esq.

“Judge Cruz started a revolution toward progress that has been greatly needed in the criminal justice community in Kane County. From utilizing technology like Zoom to making the court system much more “user friendly,” Judge Cruz is responsible for the gigantic steps toward realistic advancement that ensures fairness, a growing knowledge of the court processes, and respect for all parties involved in the criminal justice system.”

Kelley Flinn, Esq.